The seaside Utah Beach, known for his history of landing ally on the 6 of june 1944, is the best place to practice this activity. In fact, offring long distances of few kilometers,without obstacle and wide of about 400 meters, our area of  sand extension also allow to have ride (ballad) and to engage at the discovery of the nature.

The Land Yatch is a sport in which the learning is fast and provide sensations of speed and it is  unforgettable from the first minute of rolling.
Utah sea leisure activities offers you to discover and help initiate at that sport when the meetings of discovery and initiations are open for all. All sessions are adapted according to the audience to make the activity accessible to all.

Equipped with a helmet (provided), your old sneakers, glasses and gloves, you will have the opportunity to pilot a seated tank type MC2.
The activity is accessible from 8 years old and for any healthy person who does not have injuries or back problems. In addition, the activity is not accessible to pregnant women. 

The sessions, of 1h30 average, are supervised by qualified instructors who reserve the right to cancel the session if the conditions do not allow the holding of the session.

Insurance is included in the price of the activity.


Differents options are proposed :
- Initiation Class
- Nauticals Strolls
- Improvement